• Eoltas UAB - a company engaged in wholesale and retail trade since 1993;
  • Eoltas company sells engine and chassis spare parts in Europe, Japan and America-made passenger and commercial vehicles.
  • The company's customers - car service, spare parts shops and car manufacturers authorized representatives. The company sells automotive parts certified to meet the latest international quality management ISO 9001, TS16949 certifications. 
    • We are more than 70 spare parts by authorized representatives of Lithuania and the neighboring countries.
  • Parts held in stock assortment of over 100,000 names. Great diversity is satisfied even the most demanding clients. Customers in the manufacturers catalogs, promotional and informational materials, as well as various workshops and training sessions. Clients demand, the goods are delivered to any place.
  • Eoltas company known throughout the country as well as in the Baltic region, and the company's shopping centers set up in all major cities of the country. This ensures excellent customer service and a close relationship with the buyer and prompt further decision.
  • In 2006. January 9. Eoltas opened new autoservice center „Everything for your car“. Total modern decor autoservice downtown area reaches 10 thousand. square. m and it is the largest complex of this type of Lithuania.UAB Eoltas autoservice center „Everything for your car“ consists of 6 thousand square of warehouse space, 2 thousand square in the area of automotive parts and equipment for supermarket, about 1.2 thousand square area of automotive repair center (service), administrative and support facilities.